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Importance of Canadian Registration

Why Register your Appaloosa with ApHCC?

ApHCC approved events and awards, registration of offspring, participation in the Saddle Log, Distance Riding Awards, Trail Riding Awards and many more activities provide reasons to have your Appaloosa registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada.

ApHCC registration is required for any ApHC registered horse, owned by a resident of Canada when that horse is to be shown at an ApHCC approved event or when Application for Registration of Pedigree for that horseís offspring are submitted to the ApHCC. Residentís from other countries may apply for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration in order to enjoy many of the benefits provided by the Animal Pedigree Act and to earn points and awards at ApHCC approved events.

Completing the "Application for ApHC (USA) to ApHCC Pedigree Registration" form
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For helpful information on photo requirements, characteristics and regulations please visit:
How to Register your Appaloosa
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