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Open Show Program

The ApHCC offers a point system to reward those Appaloosa horses competing in OPEN (all breed) competition. Certificates of Merit and titles shall be awarded under the following rules: driving

1) The horse must be Registered or Recorded or Identified with the ApHCC.

2) The owner(s) or official lessee(s) as show on the horse’s certificate, or official lease form, must be a current member in good standing of the ApHCC. Awards will be mailed to the owner or lessee.

3) The owner(s) or lessee(s) must keep a point tally sheet on each horse earning Open points. This sheet is provided by the ApHCC upon request, and is to list each All Breed competition in which a horse has placed fourth or better, at approved shows. This sheet is submitted at the conclusion of a show year to the ApHCC office for verification and point tabulation.

4) A fee of $3.00/show/horse must be submitted to the ApHCC with the point tally sheets. This fee will be used to enhance the Open Show Award System.


Approved Shows:
Shall be all shows approved by the ApHCC and/or all shows approved by the Canadian Equestrian Federation, and/or any show approved by another National organization (ie. National Reined Cowhorse Association, National Sidesaddle Association, Competitive and Endurance Riding Association, etc.). Also eligible: Appaloosas competing in all breed racing, or rodeo events.

Open Show Reporting Form - pdf format

Point Tabulation:
1) Points will be tallied only from Open (all breed) competition.

2) Classes to count are: All classes where the horse is judged. This includes Halter, English and Western Pleasures, Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, Jumper classes, Road hack, Show hack, Suitability for Dressage classes, Working Cowhorse, Reining, Roping, Western Riding, Trail, Costume, Driving, Dressage, or Games.

3) Points will also be tallied from Open (all breed) competition in the Youth category.

4) Points are tallied as follows, based on the number of entries actually shown in a class. Points are awarded only to fourth place or better. There must be a minimum of two (2) entries shown in a class.

No. of Entries Points
  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place
2 1          
3 2 1        
4 3 2 1      
5 - 9 5 3 2 1    
10 - 19 6 4 3 2 1  
20 & over 7 5 4 3 2 1
5) To be eligible for an award, a horse (or a youth) must have accumulated the required amount of points at a minimum of three shows under three or more Judges.

6) BONUS POINTS shall be awarded if a horse is named Grand Champion at Halter in all breed competition, or Performance Champion in all breed competition, at a show -- 2 bonus points in addition to any class points the horse may have accumulated at that show. Similarly, 1 bonus point shall be given to any horse named Reserve Champion in Performance or in halter, in all breed competition, at any show, in addition to any class points accumulated at that show.


CERTIFICATE OF MERIT (C.O.M.) - awarded when a horse (or a youth) has achieved 50 to 99 points in any one particular all breed event or class.

SUPERIOR CERTIFICATE OF MERIT (S.C.O.M.) - awarded when a horse (or a youth) has achieved 100 to 199 points in any one particular event or class in all breed competition.

SUPREME CERTIFICATE OF MERIT (SP.C.O.M.) - awarded when a horse (or a youth) has achieved 200 or more points in open competition in any one particular event or class.

OPEN VERSATILITY CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - awarded when a horse (or a youth) achieves 100 or more points in a variety of all breed classes, with a minimum of 3 different types of classes (ie. Halter, English Pleasure, Trail; or, Working Hunter, Driving, Western Pleasure; or, Youth Showmanship, Youth Western Equitation, Youth English Equitation).

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