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Distance Riding Programs & Awards

Trail Appaloosa Saddle Log

The ApHCC Saddle Log program is designed for the
ApHCC member whose main interest and enjoyment
comes through riding their horse.

This program recognizes the need for personal
accomplishment and provides an incentive for
all types of riding. On the honor system, each
participant keeps track of the actual hours spent
riding their Appaloosa horse enjoying activities such
as trail riding, parades, training and ranch work.

You don't need to own the horse that you are riding
however it must be entered in the Book of Registry with
the ApHCC. Awards are given for levels of achievement
starting with 50 hours and up to 5,000 hours. There is
no time limit for reaching any of the levels.

Printable Saddle Log Form

Trail National Trail Horse Program

The ApHCC National Trail Horse program recognizes the
achievements of ApHCC registered horses participating
in organized non-competitive trail riding activities.
A horse will be awarded points according to verified
mileage entered on the official form provided by the
ApHCC upon enrollment in the program. Enrollment fee
is $20.00 annually with a $2.00 per ride points fee
due upon filing which must be received by the ApHCC
office prior to November 30 each year. Rides such as
those held by regional Appaloosa clubs and provincial
trail associations will be eligible as long as an
official representing the host organization can verify
the mileage. Upon fulfilling the points requirements,
horses will be awarded a Certificate of Merit,
Superior Certificate of Merit and a Supreme
Certificate of Merit.

Endurance and Distance Riding

The ApHCC Endurance and Distance Riding program
is designed to recognize the achievements of those
ApHCC horses competing in distance trail riding.
Mileage is accumulated in either the Endurance or
Distance division and can not be transferred from
one division to another. Mileage must be earned on
officially sanctioned rides and achieved in the
Open Division only for the 1000 Mile Award.

Endurance and Distance events will be treated as
individual events and points will be awarded based
on the number of horses finishing the event according
to the ApHCC points system. Horses will be awarded
an Endurance or Distance Riding Award, a Superior
Endurance or Distance Award and a Supreme
Endurance or Distance Award upon completion of the
necessary point requirements.

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