One of the fun parts about having foals is naming them but this can lead to frustration if a name has already been taken. A new feature on the ApHCC web site is the "Appaloosa Name Look-up" whereby you can do a search to see if your "never-before-thought-of" name turns out to be a "very-much-in-use" registered name.

With a growing database of approximately 40,000 registered names you will delight in creating endless lists of names that even contain a part of the name you are considering, for example; you want to name your brand new foal "Sunshine". You type the name in the search bar and hit the submit button. As the search engine scans the database, the name Sunshine appears in the results window which means the name is taken. But alas, not only does the name Sunshine appear, so does every name in the database that contains the word "Sunshine"! With an even more tenacious desire to use the word Sunshine, you think up the name "Sunshine's Desire". You check again, and receive a message that says ***no matches***. This means victory for you and your foal now has an official name! The next step is to download and complete a registration form from our web site, take some photos and pop it in the mail box.

Naming your horse has never been easier! Try our search tool and become a real Appaloosa name detective.

Search Tips
Please wait up to one minute depending on your line speed in order for the database to load. A new browser window will open. Once loaded, you may even go off-line to do your searching if you do not close the search page window.
The "submit" button will stay "grayed out" until it is finished searching the database.
Names in database will come up in alphabetical order.
The message ***no matches found *** means there is not a matching name in the system
You can search using a partial name for a list of results containing your search criteria.
The ApHCC reserves the right to deny any name you choose to submit for registration.

Please note: this tool is strictly Microsoft Internet Explorer friendly. Not reliable with Netscape products
Database will open in a NEW WINDOW

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