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Competition Permit

An unregistered/identified, fully coloured gelding or mare of unknown parentage may be eligible to apply for a permit to compete at all ApHCC recognized events, in all classes except conformation at halter, if the following conditions are met:

1) Shall be a fully coloured horse over 14.0 HH and five (5) years of age or over. Height, description and age are to be verified by a veterinarian. If horse is a gelding, the veterinarian shall verify this fact.

2) A $105.00 fee (GST included) shall accompany the application.

Sale of a horse issued a competition permit shall negate the permit and the new owner must reapply meeting all conditions in the aforementioned 1 and 2.
It will be stated on the Competition Permit that this horse will not be recognized by the ApHCC for breeding purposes.

Download Application for Competition Permit

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