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Amateur Rules

1. All individuals entering approved Amateur classes must hold a current ApHCC Amateur card and must be a member 19 years of age or older, in good standing of the ApHCC. Amateurs will be issued an Amateur card and number by the ApHCC. That number must be used when entering approved Amateur classes. The card must be shown at any time requested by show management.

2. The individual must meet the definition of an Amateur as follows:

A. Has not ever engaged in activities which would make him or her a professional. A professional is an individual who:

a). Accepts remuneration for riding, driving, showing, training, schooling, conducting clinics or seminars, instruction in equitation or horse training, or judging. Prize money is not considered remuneration.
b). Performs the above listed activities for which another person in his or her family, or a corporation which a member of the family controls, will receive remuneration.
c). Performs such activities while accepting remuneration for employment in another capacity for an employer or member of said employer's family who owns, boards, or trains the involved horses.
d). Rides, drives or shows in horse shows any horse for which he or she or a member of his or her family accepts remuneration for boarding or training.
e). Accepts prize money in equitation or showmanship classes.
f). Payment of entry fees or other expenses other than by the Amateur or those persons found in Rule # 765 is considered remuneration.

B. Amateur status shall not be affected by the following:
a). Writing of books or articles pertaining to horses.
b). Accepting payment for stewarding.
c). Accepting reimbursement for expenses without profit.
d). Accepting a small token of appreciation (value not to exceed $100.00) other than money, for riding, driving or showing a horse.
e). Having the occupation of veterinarian, farrier, or owning a tack or feed store or a boarding or breeding stable.

C. Change of status:

A professional continues to be such until he or she has received Amateur status from the ApHCC. Any person who has been a professional and who desires to be reclassified as an Amateur on the grounds that he or she no longer engages in the activities that made him/her a professional, must so notify the ApHCC in writing. Details for this procedure may be obtained from the ApHCC.

3. The horse or horses used by Amateur contestants in the Amateur classes must be owned and registered wholly or in part by the participant or by a member of the Amateur's immediate family. A horse co-owned by unrelated individuals may be used in the Amateur program by only one of the owners during the show year. Horses owned by a non-family corporation and horses leased to the Amateur may not be used by Amateur participants. Corporate ownership is allowed only if it is all in one family. If there is more than one family involved in the ownership of a horse, and it is a corporation for the purpose of owning a horse, Amateur participation is not allowed.

4. Enrollment in the Amateur program must be applied for annually. The initial enrollment application must be signed by two current members in good standing with the ApHCC that is not related (family) to the Amateur applicant, attesting to the applicant's Amateur status. After the initial enrollment in the Amateur program the Amateur need only to renew their amateur card without the additional signatures described above and pay the renewal fee. Points will be counted only for individuals enrolled in the program.

Novice Amateur Rules

5. This is an entry level program to introduce the beginning Amateur exhibitor to ApHCC activities.

a). The Novice Amateur cannot have earned a combined total of 50 or more points in open, amateur, or youth divisions at any recognized breed, AHSA, or CEF approved shows. Points earned in youth leadline, walk-trot or any halter classes are excluded in determining eligibility.
b). Novice Amateur status must be applied for annually on an honor basis and will be in effect for the calendar year regardless of points earned in that year.
c). When a Novice Amateur wins a National title, they will no longer be eligible for Novice status at the end of that calendar year, Halter classes excluded.

6. A former professional exhibitor that is reclassified as an Amateur may not enter the Novice Amateur division.

a). Points earned in the Novice classes cannot be used for any available amateur division awards.
b). Novice classes will be judged in accordance with ApHCC rules. For each Novice class held at a show the corresponding Open Amateur class must also be offered. A Novice Amateur may enter either the Novice Amateur or Amateur Division for each class but not both at the same show.

7. If an individual is considered a Novice Amateur upon application, he/she will be considered a novice for that calendar year.

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