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Amateur Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a sample of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the ApHCC Amateur Program...

1. What is an Amateur?

An Amateur is an individual who has not ever engaged in activities which would make him/her a professional such as (but not limited to) accepting remuneration for riding, driving, showing, training, schooling, conducting clinics or seminars, instruction in equitation or horse training or judging. For further details please refer to Rule #748 of the ApHCC Handbook.

2. Should I renew my Amateur or Novice Amateur status when I renew my ApHCC membership?

Yes. Your Amateur or Novice Amateur membership number and your ApHCC membership number are the same. The Amateur status is printed on your ApHCC membership card. Renewing both at the same time eliminates the need to re-order your card with the Amateur status.

3. Do I have to sign the Amateur Enrollment application each year?

Yes. Amateurs must enroll in the Amateur program annually, which means the ApHCC office must receive an application signed by the Amateur before the membership/Amateur card can be completed.

4. Am I required to have two other ApHCC members sign my Amateur application each year?

No, only on the initial application. After the first year of enrollment, only the applicant's signature is required.

5. Who can sign my initial Amateur Application?

Current ApHCC members in good standing, who are not members of the applicant's immediate family, are eligible to sign the form for first-time Amateur applicants.

6. What is the age qualifications for an Amateur?

An Amateur must be 19 years of age or older, or if 18 years and under, married or divorced and thereby ineligible for the Youth programs.

7. Is an Amateur required to own the horse he/she exhibits in the ApHCC shows?

Yes. The ApHCC registered horse must be owned wholly or in part by the Amateur participant or by a member of the Amateur's immediate family. A horse co-owned by unrelated individuals may be used in the Amateur program by one of the owners during the show year.

8. Who is qualified to hold a Novice Amateur status?

A Novice Amateur cannot have earned a combined total of 100 or more points in open, amateur, or youth divisions at any recognized breed, AHSA or CEF approved shows. Points earned in youth leadline, walk-jog or any halter classes are excluded in determining eligibility.

9. If a Novice Amateur's points total 100 or more during a particular show season, can the Novice continue to compete in Novice classes for the rest of that year?

Yes. If an individual is considered a Novice Amateur at the beginning of the show season, he/she will be considered a Novice for that calendar year. The Novice Amateur may then apply for Amateur status the following year.

10. In which classes can an Amateur earn points?

Points are recorded for the Amateur rider in Equitation, Showmanship and Horsemanship classes. Points earned in classes such as Amateur Western Pleasure, Amateur Halter, Amateur Hunter Under Saddle etc are recorded as Amateur Horse points.

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